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The wife of infamous mexican drug lord joaquín el chapo guzmán has appeared in court in washington dc.Emma coronel aispuro, 31, is accused of helping guzmán run the sinaloa drugs cartel and assisting in his prison escape in 2015, court records show.Emma coronel aispuro, wearing a green jail uniform, appeared in federal court in washington on thursday.The wife of joaquin el chapo guzman, who was a regular fixture at his federal trial, will plead guilty thursday to being a minimal participant in helping her husband run his drug empire, the new york times reported.Emma coronel, joaquin el chapo guzman's wife in a picture from 2014.

El chapo is said to have fallen in love with emma coronel when he saw her at a beauty pageant in the mexican state of durango in 2007.Emma coronel aispuro, the wife of joaquin el chapo guzman.When the drug lord was arrested in mexico in february 2014, she allegedly continued to deliver messages she got from him during prison visits.She also assisted in two plots to help guzman escape from mexican.Conspiring to distribute cocaine, methamphetamine.

The wife of mexican drug lord joaquin el chapo guzman, emma coronel aispuro is slated to appear for a virtual hearing at 10am on thursday in washington before us district judge rudolph contreras to enter a plea on international drug trafficking charges.Jailed cartel boss el chapo's wife is arrested after landing in washington dc for drug smuggling and emma coronel, 31, was detained at dulles airport in washington dc her husband 'chapo' guzman, 63, is currently serving life in prison in coloradoEmma modesta coronel aispuro (spanish:Emma coronel aispuro, the former beauty pageant queen who married mexican drug kingpin joaquin 'el chapo' guzman, has pleaded guilty to us criminal charges after she allegedly helped run her husband's cartel in his absence.Emma coronel aispuro, the wife of notorious mexican drug kingpin joaquin el chapo guzman, has pleaded guilty to charges she helped her husband run the sinaloa cartel.

Coronel aispuro, 31, pleaded guilty to three federal charges thursday in a federal court in washington.Back when joaquín 'el chapo' guzmán was captured in february 2014 in mazatlán, mexico, the sinaloa cartel leader was not alone:With him was his newest wife, former beauty queen emma coronel.Much speculation has surrounded her, especially since she's the mother of el chapo's twins.As part of a plea deal, emma coronel aispuro pleaded guilty to three federal offenses in the united states.

The wife of convicted mexican drug lord joaquin el chapo guzmán loera was arrested at a suburban washington, d.c.Airport monday, for her a judge on tuesday ordered the family's latest defendant, emma coronel aispuro, to remain in custody as her attorneys consider a bail application.Emma coronel aispuro, wife of mexican drug trafficker joaquín guzmán loera was arrested at an airport near washington on suspicion of involvement the accusation of international drug trafficking against emma coronel, wife of joaquín el chapo guzmán, is based on what dámaso lópez, el.The wife of notorious drug lord joaquin el chapo guzman has agreed to plead guilty to federal charges of helping her husband run his mexican cartel, court documents revealed wednesday.Emma coronel aispuro, 31, is set to enter her guilty plea thursday morning in u.s.

The wife of mexican drug kingpin joaquin 'el chapo' guzman pleads guilty in u.s.Emma coronel aispuro, 24, was born in november, 1989 in california to cattleman ines coronel barreras and his wife blanca estela aispuro aispuro;Met joaquin el chapo guzman at a party organized by her father in 2006, nacho coronel became el chapo's partner , he was added to the.Emma coronel aispuro and joaquín guzmán wed on her 18th birthday in an affair that was quiet, personal and secluded from the public in the town of emma coronel aispuro guzmán is the niece of el chapo's former partner, ignacio nacho coronel vilarreal, and during her run to become the next.El chapo's wife is following his footsteps to a federal prison.

She's pled guilty to drug trafficking charges.Emma coronel aispuro appeared in federal district court thursday in washington d.c.And pled guilty to 3 charges, including money laundering and conspiracy to distribute cocaine.Emma coronel aispuro, the wife of joaquin el chapo guzman loera, the mexican drug kingpin, arrives.[+] for his sentencing at brooklyn federal court in 2019.

Coronel will reportedly plead guilty thursday to helping guzman run the sinaloa cartel and aiding him in a prison escape.It was not immediately clear what.Emma coronel, la esposa del capo mexicano de la droga joaquín el chapo guzmán, se declaró este jueves (10.06.2021) culpable de tres delitos relacionados con el narcotráfico ante un juez federal de washington dc tras alcanzar un acuerdo con la justicia de estados unidos.12, 2019 file photo, emma coronel aispuro, center, wife of joaquin el chapo guzman, leaves federal court in new york.The wife of mexican drug kingpin and escape artist joaquin el chapo guzman has been arrested on international drug trafficking charges at an airport in virginia.

The wife of drug lord joaquin el chapo guzman, emma coronel aispuro, has decided to plead guilty to us charges of helping her husband run the sinaloa cartel of smugglers, the washington court records on thursday.Emma coronel aispuro, a former beauty queen, is facing 10 years to life in prison and a $10 million fine.Emma coronel, charged with conspiring to distribute drugs and launder money in aid of her husband's sinaloa cartel joaquín guzmán, the mexican drug lord known as el chapo, was convicted by a u.s.Jury of 10 criminal counts related to a range of federal crimes spanning nearly 30 years.