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Check out the radically redesigned 2022 mitsubishi eclipse cross compact suv.The mitsubishi eclipse cross is a compact crossover suv produced by japanese automaker mitsubishi motors since october 2017.The eclipse cross has a dashboard based on the concept of a horizontal axis.It means all the the eclipse cross is excellent for the city, but if you want to escape to the country in search of adventure.The 2022 mitsubishi eclipse cross suv boasts sporty styling and starts at an attractively low price, but other vehicles in this segment remain more desirable.

The eclipse cross is a sharp and sophisticated small suv with turbo charged petrol engine and precise handling.The eclipse cross is the perfect synergy of practicality, ability and great looks.The mitsubishi eclipse cross is a sporty suv that's ready for action.With top safety features including a reversing camera and parking sensors as well as an 8 year warranty.