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Glenn edward bo schembechler jr.He served as the head football coach at miami university from 1963 to 1968 and at the university of michigan from 1969 to 1989.Bo schembechler died in 2006, anderson two years later.Report documents decades of abuse.In an interview with espn , the junior schembechler says anderson molested him during a physical examination in the 1960s, when he was 10, and bo schembechler, his adoptive father, punched him.

Matt schembechler, the son of former michigan football coach bo schembechler, will speak about being assaulted by dr.Michigan's former team doctor, robert e.Anderson, molested hundreds of athletes before he died in 2008.Some have called for the renaming of schembechler hall on the university of michigan campus in ann arbor, mich., after accusations that longtime football coach bo schembechler knew.The younger schembechler told the detroit news that canham fired anderson nearly immediately. bo went to him and said, 'i need him, he is our team robert kalmbach / bentley historical library, university of michigan via ap, file.

Matt schembechler said his father was a great coach and made.Employed by the university of michigan from 1966 to 2003, anderson's habit of sexually assaulting his patients was reportedly common knowledge among michigan's student athletes, coaches and even some officials.Bo schembechler, then in his first year of his iconic run with the wolverines, became enraged and punched his son in the chest, according to matt.Matt schembechler claims his mother had him share the story of abuse with michigan athletic director don canham, who immediately dismissed anderson.Matt schembechler, the son of the late university of michigan football coach bo schembechler, said the team's former doctor, robert anderson, sexually assaulted him when he was 10.

But when he told his dad about it, the legendary coach did nothing to stop it—and even used violence to keep him quiet.The suit alleges the student — who is filing as an unnamed john doe — told.Schembechler's lawyer said he will discuss.Matt schembechler, daniel kwiatkowski and gilvanni johnson are expected to discuss the abuse during a news conference thursday.Their accusations come a month after a report commissioned by the university said bo schembechler and other officials were aware of complaints about dr.

Bo schembechler, michigan assistants downplayed signs of abuse from former doctor.(wxyz) — bo schembechler's son will take part in a thursday afternoon news conference to present what is being called evidence that the legendary coach ignored abuse by dr.Matt schembechler is also expected to address his own abuse by anderson.Schembechler's son, matthew schembechler, told kim kozlowski of the detroit news on wednesday that former michigan team doctor dr.Robert anderson sexually (canham) talked to anderson and terminated him nearly immediately, schembechler said.

Bo went to him and said, 'i need him, he is.(wlns) — the son of legendary michigan football coach bo schembechler will present information to the media thursday that his dad ignored abuse by team doctor robert anderson.Matt schembechler says he is a survivor of sexual assault by anderson.Schembechler will be joined by.Just what did bo schembechler and ad don canham know about robert anderson?

The question haunts the survivors of anderson's sexual abuse.When even bo's son glenn schembechler, understandably in denial about events, describes anderson as… he said he knew of anderson as an odd guy who was a part of the program but did not see him frequently.…you have to be blisteringly naive to believe them.A son of bo schembechler, the coach who did more than any other to build the university of michigan program into the one with the most wins in college football history, said his father angrily ignored his account of sexual abuse by a university doctor in 1969.(robert kalmbach/bentley historical library, university of michigan via ap).

Dan kwiatkowski, who was a top high school prospect in the state of michigan [schembechler] came to my house to meet my parents, met my parents.And during that conversation, he promised my parents that i would have an.Bo schembechler's son, matt, said his father failed to protect him and other wolverines athletes.This file photo, provided by the bentley historical library at the university of michigan, shows dr.A son of legendary university of michigan football coach bo schembechler says he was.

Matt schembechler said he was 10 at the time and playing football for a junior wolverines team in 1969 when his father dispatched him to see dr.Robert anderson canham fired anderson, but bo went to him and said, 'i need him, he is our team doctor, reinstate him,' matt schembechler said.We can replace schembechler's statue with woodson.Or call it the zoltan mesko space palace or tacopants memorial hall.I don't really care, just don't want if bo wanted anderson strapped to a rocket and sent into space, someone in engineering would've started drawing something up.

Robert anderson fondled his genitals and digitally penetrated him during a routine physical in 1969, his father's first year the report found bo schembechler, who died in 2006, was told by a player that anderson had fondled him during an exam and that the coach told the.In its report on the investigation into dr.Robert anderson's alleged sexual assault and abuse of hundreds of athletes and students at the university of michigan, law firm wilmerhale wrote that former wolverines football coach bo schembechler was aware of the abuse, but current coach jim.Maybe there should be a park somewhere for the paterno, bo, columbus, calhoun etc.Matt schembechler, 62, and former wolverines players daniel kwiatkowski and gilvanni johnson told similar stories about how dr.

Anderson, who died in 2008, molested and digitally penetrated them during physical exams decades ago.They also talked about how bo schembechler.The doctor implicated in the reports, robert e.Anderson, was a former director of the university health service and spent years as a top physician for football teams led by former coaches bo schembechler and lloyd carr.The university said it was first alerted to allegations against anderson.

There was nothing that i saw in the times when i was a kid here, my dad was on staff or when i played here.He never sat on that's the bo schembechler that i know.There's nothing that ever was swept under the rug or ignored.He addressed everything in a timely fashion.Matt schembechler, 62, said he was sexually molested by anderson when he was 10 years old, within a year of when his […] anderson worked at the university of michigan from 1966 through 2003.

During the majority of his time at the school, he worked closely with the athletic department, treating.But it was the first time harbaugh publicly spoke about his former head coach and mentor bo schembechler and his role in the robert anderson's sexual assaults on athletes and students.